Golden State Water Lost Again!

First, Ojai won in lower court when Golden State Water sued to prevent Casitas Water from taking over the system.

Second, GSW appealed that decision in appellate court and lost.

Today, the State Supreme Court refused to hear GSW’s final appeal. Ojai and Claremont are now free to proceed against GSW. This is a huge blow to Golden State Water, and their high priced legal team. This is a very important result.

Now if the majority of GSW customers in our Cowan Heights System truly want GSW gone, it can be done!

May 6th Community Meeting Was A Success!

Congratulations Ojai! 87% Voted Against Golden State Water. Click Here For More!

IRWD Compensation

IRWD Board of Directors and Senior Staff Salaries & Benefits for Calendar Year 2011

  1. 2011 Data submitted to the State Controller's Office "Government Compensation in California" program.
  2. Employer paid benefits
  3. Each year, the Board of Directors reviews and takes formal action to set Board compensation in accordance with State of California law. In December 2012, the IRWD Board of Directors elected not to increase their fees for calendar year 2013. The current compensation for the IRWD Board of Directors was set in 2009 and is $237.00 per meeting, not to exceed 10 meetings per month.

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